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Names of places in Tales of Hearts

Names of places and where those names came from:

Cities/locations names:
静かな漁村シーブル - The quiet fishing village, Sybru
(Sylvie and Bruno by Lewis Carroll)

川沿いの街キュノス – The City by the River, Cynus
(Cynus is one of the places from Homer’s Illiad)

ラゴス鍾乳洞 – Limestone Cavern, Ragos
(Argos? Another place from Illiad)

交易の街ヘンゼラ – Trading City, Hansela
(Hansel and Gretel)

震える山グリム – Trembling Mountain, Grimm
(Brothers Grimm)

癒しの郷グース – Healing Village, Goose
(Mother Goose)

アンデール坑道 – Anders Tunnel
(Hans Christian Andersen)

帝都エストレーガ – Imperial City, Esthrega
(The Book of Esther?)

湖上の都シャルロウ – City on the Lake, Charrault
(Charles Perrault)

オデット水門 – Odette Floodgate
(Odette from Swan Lake)

娯楽都市ユーライオ – The City of Amusement, Yulio
(reference to the Cowardly Lion from The Wizard of Oz and the word 勇気 yuuki which means courage in Japanese?)

勇者の塔キングクロス – The Tower of Heroes, Kingcloth
(The King’s New Clothes; The Emperor's New Clothes)

リグナトル駐屯地 – Regnatol Garrison

ドーズモア裏街道 – Side Road, Douzemois
(douze mois means twelve months in French. The Twelve Months is a title of a Greek fairy tale.)

シェヘラ砂漠 – Schehera Desert

ラジーン洞窟 – Laddin Cave
(Aladdin and the Magical Lamp)

橋上聖都プランスール – Saint Capital, Princele
(Le Petit Prince, The Little Prince)

サンテクス大聖堂 – Saintex Sanctuary
(Antonie de Saint-Exupéry, the author of The Little Prince)

特務拠点ニーベルグ – Special Base, Nibelug
(The Song of Nibelungs)

機動結晶城サンドリオン – Moving Crystal Fortress, Cendrillon
(Cendrillon means Cinderella in French)

霧の村レーブ - Village of Mist, Löf
(Selma Lagerlöf, the author of The Wonderful Adventures of Nils)

雷鳴山ブレーメ – Thunder Mountain, Breme
(Town Musicians of Bremen)

雲上の村ブランジュ – The Village in Clouds, Blange
(Blanche Neige which is Snow White in French)

ゲルダ雪原 – Snowy Plains, Gerda
(Gerda is the main character in the Snow Queen)

隠れ里ノークイン – Hidden Village, Noqueen
(from Snow Queen)

マクス城 – Max Castle

バメル火山 – Bamel Volcano
(Pied Piper of Hamelin)

結晶都市ワンダリデル - The Capital of Quartia, Wandeliddell
(Wonderland + Alice Liddell)

ラトウィックの森 – Lutwik Forest
(Lewis Carroll real name – Charles Lutwidge Dodgson)

希望の塔ジャックシード - The Tower of Hope, Jackseed
(Jack and the Beanstalk Seed; Jack and the Beanstalk)

観測基地ラプンツェル – Observation Base, Rapunzel

救世システムガルデニア – Salvation System, Gardenia
(Gradenia flower)

地下遺跡バオウルフ – The Underground Ruins, Baowulf

Continents names:
オールドマイン - Oldmine
ペンデローク - Pendeloque
マーキス - Marquise
セミナビッツ – Seminavette
(all continents in Tales of Hearts are named after types of gemstone cuts)

Worlds name:
原界(セルランド) - Primeval World (Celland)
(from cell + land)

結晶界(クォーティア) - Crystal World (Quartia)
(from quartz)