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君はただ 笑って『みんな同じだ』って言って

前を見て 歩いていた

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Name:A s ʜ ᴋ ᴀ
Birthdate:Jun 16

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+anima, +c: sword and cornett, 2d games, ancient civilizations, ancient egypt, angels, anime, ao no exorcist, archangels, art, atelier, atlus games, baccano!, becoming a mangaka, being lazy, being sleepy, biały i czerwony, bishounens, books, card games, cards, cats, christianity, churches, crocheting, cute things, d.gray-man, devil may cry, disciples ii, disgaea, drama cd, drawing, embroidery, etherlords, evanescence, fairy tail, fairy tales, fanart, fanfiction, fantasy, final fantasy, flowers, friends, fullmetal alchemist, games, gemstones, gintama, god, golden sun, guilty gear, handhelds, haven, hearts, heaven, heroes of might&magic, hetalia, history, history of japan, history of poland, hunter x hunter, japanology, jesus, kanji, karaoke, katekyo hitman reborn!, kingdom hearts, knitting, kokia, lakes, legend of zelda, light novels, love, lumines, magic the gathering, mana khemia, manga, manga & anime, mao, monkey island, music, mythology, nds, nintendo ds, nippon ichi games, origami, ouran, painting, pandora hearts, peace, persona 4, phantom brave, photoshop, pixiv, plushies, pocket monsters, pokemon, pokemon black & white, polska, professor layton, ps2, psp, psychology, radiant mythology 3, reading, rpg, rpg maker, ruca milda, shiny things, shugo chara, singing, soul calibur, soul eater, spring, stamps, subaru, sugar, sweets, swords, tales of, tales of destiny, tales of eternia, tales of games, tales of graces, tales of hearts, tales of innocence, tales of legendia, tales of phantasia, tales of rebirth, tales of series, tales of the abyss, tales of the world, tales of xillia, teddy bears, tekken, tetris, the longest journey, the witcher, tiger & bunny, toi, trading cards, trinity universe, video games, wasting time, weapons, writing, yu-gi-oh!
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